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Hny Drpd Made by Artists.

For real people.

Hny Drpd is a community-conscious clothing line designed to give back to the hearts of those in need with every stitch. The purpose of this Art infused designer line is to bring a unique, sophisticated, and eclectic style to everyone’s closet. Every collection has its own charismatic feel and function. While making our community our heartbeat, we also highlight and partner with various creative artists to showcase their craft and our drip.

Hny Drpd makes an annual donation to help art programs. Founded by Yasmine MaKaila Mashakii Tshomb with thought in every piece. Yasmine is a Black Multimedia Artist and Creative from Atlanta Georgia who crafts and designs every avant-garde piece by hand.

The mission of this line is to highlight different creatives, give back to those in need, and bring an artistic impact to the community.

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